Glenise Anderson is a sought-after event speaker who uses her
worldwide experience to show you how to Step IN to your life.

With over 60% of the population struggling with change,
they often see change as a crisis situation which causes stress,
overwhelm, lack of productivity and ill health.

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Step IN: Transitioning Change with Confidence

Step IN = Forward,  positive movement.
Transition =  The mental and emotional side of change.

Glenise’s keynote reframes change into exactly what it is, an opportunity for you to move to a better place.

A transition expert, she shows you how to take up new behaviours or ways of thinking to Step IN and transition change with confidence.

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“Success is defined by a lot more than just getting good grades. Individual’s academic success, wellbeing and mental health depends not only on traditional qualifications but by also nurturing non-traditional attributes like Self Confidence, Discipline and Determination. It’s not good enough to be good at English and Maths if you can’t handle the pressures of what life throws at you.” – Prince William