“Through My Eyes are my blogs on how I see the world and what’s happening in it. I’ll share my experiences of what has worked, and not worked, in my life and generally chat about what I feel is important to share. I hope you enjoy them and make sure you contact me with your thoughts and let me know if there’s something you’d like me write about.”

  • Transitioning Change with Confidence

    This will be my 38th house move - yes, you heard right! Moves involving suburbs, towns, States and Countries. And now you know why I'm a Transition Expert. I think you'll agree moving 38 times is nothing to be sneezed at! Have you ever felt the stress that goes along with moving? Guess what, I have too!

  • Strength & Conditioning

    Strength & Conditioning

    15 Feb | 2019

    When we think of Strength and Conditioning it's usually related to sport and muscles and yet it is so much more.It's also about learning teamwork, mental health and communication. Here's how Rugby 7s build on their teamwork>>