Ah the Guilt of a Working Mother

Ah the Guilt of a Working Mother

20 Aug | 2019

Nearly every woman I speak with who is a working mum tells me of the guilt they feel about leaving their children in whatever childcare arrangement they have secured.

With the pressure to pay the bills and the mortgage, more and more women feel the need to go back to work to contribute to the family budget.

Even those who choose to go back to work because they love their job, feel the guilt.

Darren Hardy mentioned in one of his recent DarrenDaily Mentoring videos that when you make a decision, you need to come to terms with “A Yes to this, is a No to that”.

Which of course, is absolutely logical but for some reason, lots of women feel they need to say Yes to this and Yes to that! Adding exhaustion, overwhelm and high stress levels to their guilt.

So let’s get back to the working mum, guilt and childcare.

The best advice I have ever heard in relation to childcare was passed on to me recently at a Leadership Team lunch. My colleague had just attended “The Future of Education and Training in Queensland” run by The Queensland Futures Institute.

He passed on something Myra Geddes, General Manager, Social Impact, Goodstart Early Learning said…

Now listen up Mums and Dads alike – because I think this could life changing for some…

“When looking to place your child in Daycare instead of assessing the most affordable, the most convenient or (enter your reasons here) – choose a facility that you know will develop your child into a creative, caring and community minded individual”

Now, doesn’t that shine a whole different perspective of what’s happening while you are at work? Surely by knowing that while you are focusing on what you need to do, a professional is helping your child to become a well-adjusted, kind and thoughtful child.

So ditch the Guilt. Rethink the decision making process you had around choosing a Childcare Centre and focus on what interpersonal skills and traits you would like to see your child learning while you’re at work.

Happy child, happy mum, happy family – seems like a win-win to me.

PS Am I simplifying this issue – yes and no.

Yes because there are lots of things which affect a mother’s guilt about being a working mum. Lots of factors that I know nothing about.

But you know what, how about ticking off this one box relating to childcare. Take Myra Geddes advice and be very clear that you have thoughtfully made the right decision to start creating a well-rounded, community spirited wee person.

Glenise Anderson has helped a spectrum of women – working mums, empty nesters and everyday women suffering overwhelm, guilt, stress and frustration, who looking to gain clarity around decision making for their future. She is a Speaker, Behavioural Profiler & Coach who assists people to Transition Change with Confidence

If this is you, feel free to contact me directly to discuss further.

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