Hail the Weekend Warrior!

Hail the Weekend Warrior!

19 Jun | 2019

For as long as I can remember a key ingredient to my health and wellbeing has been exercise. I have swum for as long as I can remember, I have dabbled in triathlon and obstacle course racing.

In fact at the grand ole age of nearly 60, I’m thinking of lacing on my running shoes again, dusting off my bike and getting back in to water. Nothing like constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to help deal with life’s ups and downs.

One of the things I have noticed over my years of workshops, speaking engagements and behavioural profiling is that anyone who stays fit looks at the challenges of life differently. When working with these people, they are more solutions focussed and open to continuous improvement.

Lance Watson, the Head Coach & Founder of LifeSport Coaching in Canada recently wrote a blog about Triathlon. He started with this quote:

“Pressure isn’t something that happens to us, it is simply how we perceive the situation we’re in”.

Hello! He could be talking about business or life and he is. Because what you learn in sport is directly related to how you deal with your business and personal life.

He went on to say:

Athletes need to learn this, because once they understand that pressure is something they create, then they also understand that pressure is therefore something they can control.

Here are some tips for controlling responses to pressure:

  • Pressure only exists if you are concerned about the outcome. Train your mind to stay in the present and let the outcome take care of itself.
  • Ensure you have good training preparation leading up to competition.
  • Learn to practice at the same level you compete at.
  • Practice focusing on the right thing at the right time, regardless of what is going on around you.
  • Never, ever given in. Maintain commitment and desire in the face of adversity.

Well, I don’t know about you but these are brilliant tips for…. EVERYTHING.

I’m current learning to sing – yes I know – what was I thinking?*? I just wanted to learn to hold a tune and now a few months down the track, I’m a couple of weeks from singing in the Student Showcase. Singing in Public…

Yes, I know it’s not “The Voice” – only 75 caring family members and friends of the students – so it’s a nice, safe and supportive environment and there will be no booing or egg throwing. But it’s on a stage in front of people I don’t know.

Like so many other new things, things we do when we venture out of our comfort zone, it’s scary, stressful and hard to manage the anxiety levels.

But guess what – if I go back to Lance’s tips for triathlon – they are directly related to managing my stress for singing in public!

So my advice to you is – lace up those runners, pull on your swimmers, dust off your bike, go to that boxing class, book that singing lesson and get out of your comfort zone. You’ve now got all the tips to handle the pressure of whatever you’re putting off.

All I can say is Hail to Lance Watson and Hail to all you Weekend Warriors out there. Keep up the good work!

Glenise Anderson is a Speaker, Behavioural Profiler & Transition Expert who assists people to Transition Change with Confidence (and a budding OCR – Obstacle Course Racer and Triathlete – let age be no barrier!)

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