What I learned from training for Tough Mudder

What I learned from training for Tough Mudder

06 Dec | 2017

Earlier this year my ‘Get Up & Go’ got up and left. I felt overwhelmed juggling so many things and felt important stuff in my life had been left to manage itself.

I made the conscious decision to Step IN and take responsibility for my current situation and attend to the spinning plates one by one. I acknowledge that I’m one of the lucky ones, I was in a position in to step back from work and focus on other priorities.

I decluttered the house – wow what a job and boy did I feel better for it!

I went through our finances – mortgages, insurances and anything related to money going out. It took months and I saved thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s amazing what a phone call can do!

At the end of this time I couldn’t understand why I was still feeling flat! Yes I was thrilled with the results I had achieved but my ‘Get Up & Go’ had not come back.

After having a chat with a Leadership Coach/Sports Psychologist, he identified immediately, it was because I wasn’t doing things that made me light up. Yes I was kicking goals but I had submerged myself in ‘detail’.

Phil, I’ll call him Phil because that’s his name, uses his version of the behavioural profiling system which I use. I understood immediately what he was saying because it is what I would have told a client as well. I, of course, couldn’t see the problem because I was too close to it. Duh..I’m a big picture person – I love challenges and I love them to be out of the box.

I felt I had gone soft. Not physically because I’ve always been pretty fit. I’d gone soft mentally, I wasn’t doing things that really wigged me out – that pushed me right out of my comfort zone.

So I decided to up my training to complete the Tough Mudder – multiple, random, mentally and physically challenging obstacles which usually involved mud.

So what did I learn?

  • It’s not about your fitness – it’s about your MENTAL TOUGHNESS (fitness does help of course!).
  • You NEVER leave a team member behind. Not in training, not on the day.
  • It’s about TEAMWORK. It’s all about helping your team (and people you have never met before and probably never will) cross the finish line.
  • It’s about COMMUNICATING – to yourself and others.
  • It’s about having FUN, even though it’s challenging.
  • It’s about CELEBRATING the achievement!

So even though I had stepped out the business environment, I had Stepped IN to a happy, fulfilling, healthy lifestyle using techniques which we should all practice in the work and home environment.

If you’re feeling flat, I urge you to reassess your life. Are you doing things in your personal life that challenge you and light you up? If not, start. The skills you learn are transferrable into the business world and ultimately create a happier, more confident you.

What’s next for me, do I hear you ask? I’m organising an Art Exhibition at the Australian High Commission in Singapore for a dear Artist friend of mine and researching Obstacle Course Races to compete in throughout 2018!

What are your plans?

Glenise Anderson is a Speaker, Trainer & Transition Expert who assists people to Transition Change with Confidence (and a budding OCR – Obstacle Course Racer!!)

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