Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

15 Feb | 2019

When we think of Strength and Conditioning it’s usually related to sport and muscles and yet it is so much more.

It’s also about learning teamwork, mental health and communication.

Recently I popped down to watch the local Rugby 7s women’s team during practice. The coach kindly introduced me to everyone and then I was able to stand beside him and get a running commentary on what was happening.

What I heard was eye-opening. Yes, there was sport coaching happening but what surprised me was the level of insistence that everyone get to know each other, what their strengths and weaknesses were and getting the basics right. This session was the team working on helping one young girl learning to pass and catch confidently.

You see, she was the weakest link and they, as a team needed to work together, so they could rely on her when the time came for them to run on the field against another team. Yes it was about strength and conditioning, yes it was about skill level but more importantly it was about communication and teamwork.

John, the coach has drummed into them that they are all leaders and mentors and while he was standing there talking to me (and not coaching the girls on the field), he pointed out how two of the team had stepped in and were coaching and mentoring other girls in the team.

Now that’s teamwork – when all members of the team are very clear they have an individual responsibility to assist other members to be better.

We all know there is no “I” in Teamwork but how many teams work together to become stronger rather than focussing on individual achievement?

As a leader, what are you doing to build this sort of culture in your team?

Strength and Conditioning is about mindset, teamwork, communication and ok, if you’re fit your wellbeing is probably pretty good as well!

And in the meantime, Go Girls – I look forward to watching your progress this coming season.

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