“Through My Eyes are my blogs on how I see the world and what’s happening in it. I’ll share my experiences of what has worked, and not worked, in my life and generally chat about what I feel is important to share. I hope you enjoy them and make sure you contact me with your thoughts and let me know if there’s something you’d like me write about.”

  • Step IN to becoming the “Negotiator”

    One of the biggest areas of conflict in both a personal life and work life is that most people don’t have a true understanding of how to negotiate. Many women tend to avoid situations requiring them to negotiate yet, we all negotiate on a regular basis but often we don’t realise it.

  • Step IN to a Positive Mind

    Your mindset, whether positive or negative, is determined by your response to external forces and attitudes. Regardless of how your day is going, it doesn’t take much to throw us into a negative mind spin.

  • Stepping IN to Your Emotional Intelligence

    When most of us think of the skills and traits that it takes to be an effective communicator, we typically think of how important it is to be determined and decisive. We are also likely to consider how important it is to be able to analyse and reason, and have a high degree of intelligence so they can plan, develop strategies and make wise decisions.

  • How to Acknowledge a Compliment Graciously

    Compliments are a wonderful thing to receive, especially when they are focused on your business or entrepreneurial efforts. They can brighten up your day and motivate you to perform at your best.

  • Step IN to Happiness

    Step IN to Happiness

    01 May | 2017

    As we go about our day meeting the numerous deadlines and schedules which are thrust in our path, we tend to forget about our happiness. Increasing happiness in our lives is paramount to our success in all avenues.

  • Step IN to Powerful Presentations

    As a leader or communicator, one of your top objectives each day is to persuade others. Whether you are trying to convince a client to buy your latest product, motivate your team to give their best effort, or just facilitate more open communication and collaboration in your workspace, you must be able to effectively present your ideas and win others over to your perspective.

  • Step IN to balance

    Step IN to balance

    06 Mar | 2017

    With International Women’s Day around the corner, the topic of Balance is more relevant than ever. As we struggle to “Put the oxygen mask on ourselves first”, this concept is something we need to catch and keep and not catch and release.

  • Step IN to Your Problem Solving Mind

    Every day we confront a host of challenges. Some issues are quite simple to resolve, while others are extremely complex, and will test your abilities as well as your spirit as you work to find a solution.

  • Happy New Year.

  • Step in to confidence and stomp out Anxiety

    Most people have struggled with anxiety at some point in their life.  For some, it is a passing phase triggered by a particular event and for others, it is a daily struggle to live life with anxiety.