Transitioning Change with Confidence

Transitioning Change with Confidence

22 Feb | 2019

And so, it begins…. the time has come to move again! After nearly 13 years of remote Queensland and rural NSW living, we’re heading back to the big smoke of Brisbane.

This will be my 38th house move – yes, you heard right! Moves involving suburbs, towns, States and Countries. And now you know why I’m a Transition Expert. I think you’ll agree moving 38 times is nothing to be sneezed at!

Have you ever felt the stress that goes along with moving? Guess what, I have too!

I found that to be able to survive so many moves, I had to have a strategy to follow. Whether it be a change of homes, jobs, financial situation or personal circumstances – a strategy is what keeps you sane and keeps your head above water when times are tough.

Research says moving house is in the top 10 of most stressful life events. Interestingly enough – other than retirement, I’ve gone through all the others! Hence my Keynote Speech on “Transitioning Change with Confidence”!

Amongst all this change, I’m preparing for my other keynote “What Would Wonder Woman Do?” a fun session on how women can use the traits of Wonder Woman to increase their Confidence and Communication skills (really, learning shouldn’t have to be boring!).

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with the wonderful group of women who will be attending the Women in Mining Inspire Convention at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

A grand new adventure awaits in Brisbane and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones!

If you are a company in the midst of change and want to help your employees “Transition the Change with Confidence” or want to assist your female staff Increase their Confidence and Communication skills (with the help of Wonder Woman) – drop me a line.

Please note, I am now booked out until May, so if you’re in the planning stages for events after that time, I’d love to speak with you.

Glenise Anderson is a Speaker, Trainer & Transition Expert who assists people to Transition Change with Confidence (and a budding OCR – Obstacle Course Racer and Triathlete – let age be no barrier!)

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