When doing what you love pays dividends

When doing what you love pays dividends

11 Dec | 2018

Marc Antony said “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and I’m sure a lot of people out there are envious of those who are able to work at what they love.

Recently I spent a long weekend down in Tenterfield with friends. The Old Council Chambers is a luxury accommodation property I had been stalking on instagram for many months before getting the opportunity to go and stay.

Our friends arrived first and by the time we arrived, they were well and truly ensconced with wine in hand in front of the roaring fire. Their apartment was gorgeous and I was ready to go no further, dump our bags and sleep on their sofa.

We eventually dragged ourselves away from the fire (wine in hand), crossed the hallway and opened the door to our abode for the weekend and let me tell you, we were not disappointed. Steve & Bianca’s eye for detail in restoring this property is gobsmacking and then on top of that, they add personal touches like a handwritten welcome note; homemade breakfast pots in the fridge (with another handwritten note of ingredients) and on the kitchen bench a freshly baked cob loaf wrapped in a tea towel. I decided on the spot I never wanted to leave.

Steve & Bianca who had already sent us all the information we needed for getting comfortable and where we could eat and drink, upped the service level by popping over to introduce themselves.

Over the weekend we had a couple of conversations with them about the restoring of the Old Council Chambers, the church around the corner they have just finished restoring and their plans for landscaping the grounds, restoring the church hall which will include the installation of a commercial kitchen, giving Tenterfield another beautiful event venue.

Steve and Bianca are following their dream and creating beautiful spaces. You can tell how passionate they are in their eye for detail, their exceptional service level and the extraordinary love they have for Tenterfield. They are an integral part of the progressive community wanting to make it a tourist destination with the beautiful shops, cafes, pubs, accommodation and wineries close by and I believe the golf course is pretty special as well!

The one thing this trip did, was remind me we should take pride in what we do, be passionate and follow our dreams whatever they are. It’s up to us to drive our own bus and make a difference. If you need a reminder, make sure you go and visit Steve & Bianca and tell them I sent you!

Footnote: The Old Council Chambers is one of Tenterfield’s most prominent historic buildings. First built in 1884 as the original Council Chambers and in 1939, underwent major renovations and the addition of an art deco facade. The building has now been restored into a country retreat with two self contained luxury suites. The Old Council Chambers Tenterfield

Glenise Anderson is a Speaker, Trainer & Transition Expert who assists people to Transition Change with Confidence (and a budding OCR – Obstacle Course Racer and Triathlete – let age be no barrier!)

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